Aerial phtography is available in the northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin areas.  Click HERE for a coverage area map.

Once I receive your request for photos, I will take the pictures and e-mail a set of thumbnails for your viewing.  Just select your favorites for printing, and you'll receive them by mail within a few days!

I use either a 4 or 7 megapixel digital camera for aerial shots.  The prints are available in four sizes:   4x6   6x8   8x10  and  11x17. 

35mm is available on request.

Pricing info:         4 x 6       $ 7.00 
                            6 x 8       $ 50.00              
                            8 x 10     $ 85.00
                           11 x 17    $ 100.00
minimum purchase  $70.00
COPILOT RATES  $75.00 !!

Don't know which photos to order?  Just purchase the full cd* of all aerial photos taken for $100.00 and edit or print any of your pictures at home or at your local photo shop whenever, and as often as you like!

*  on any given aerial shoot, I will take as many as 20 photgraphs, of all different sizes and resolutions.  All of these will be included on your CD for your future viewing, editing, or printing.

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